• Staff trained?
  • New tools for chip shops
  • Storage Event
  • 2016's New Industry Award
  • Grower Platform
  • Are you ready for Harvest?

    The new Safe Harvesting training module, essential for all workers and managers involved in potato harvesting, is now available. Online and in multiple languages. 

  • Trade site: Enjoy Fish & Chips, live now!

    Arising from 3 of the largest pieces of research the industry has ever seen, 'enjoyfishandchips.co.uk' will provide advice & tools to improve the chip shop offering, generating more value for growers & merchants.

  • Raise your level of storage expertise

    New legislation & more discerning product specs create a need to manage & design potato stores differently. This event will open up two new, state-of-the-art bulk & seed stores, for an in-depth look. Book now!

  • Above and Beyond: Nominate your peers

    Calling for nominations of individuals (store managers, field persons, agronomists) deeply involved in making things work ‘on the ground and who've made a difference to Industry. Closing date for submissions: 3 Oct

  • Your chance to participate

    The ‘Grower Platform’ will bring together like-minded researchers, farmers, agronomists & businesses, to optimise soil & water management decisions & plan environmentally & economically beneficial rotations.

WATCH: Market Intelligence - Potato trade update for the 2015-2016 season


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