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Knowledge Transfer & Communications

1 August 2014


Dr Philip Burgess, Head of Communications and Knowledge Transfer


t: 024 7647 8771 


The Knowledge Transfer team is dedicated to improving the flow and uptake of knowledge throughout the supply chain in order to:

  • Improve marketable yield and crop value
  • Understand the cost of production
  • React to a changing environment and legislation
AHDB Potatoes communications activities are focussed around a series of knowledge campaigns including Fight against Blight, Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN) aphids and virus, soil, water, nutrition, energy, storage and business improvement. The Knowledge Transfer team takes a lead on identifying and translating legislative changes that may have impact on the potato industry and communicating actions to levy payers.

A fundamental step towards improving business efficiency and profitability is to understand what your true cost of production is. The AHDB Potatoes Arable Benchmark model enables you to assess the profitability of your potato business. A full appreciation of your production costs enables you to analyse risk and opportunity, and make strategic decisions based on return on investment, capital input and land commitment.   

Plant health is a particular concern to the potato industry and will be a focus for activity in 2011/12. There are many reasons for this including a reduced armoury for crop protection following the review of EU Directive 91/414, recent changes to statutory control of PCN and ingress of exotic non-quarantine diseases. AHDB Potatoes have already responded to many of the challenges by initiating new R&D and the Knowledge Transfer team will be communicating R&D outputs to ensure awareness is widespread and best practice messages reach all levy payers.
We deliver a range of newsletters, events, workshops and forums to ensure all levy payers have opportunities to engage with AHDB Potatoes research and interact with the team. We are introducing a range of digital communications to enable easier access to our guides and best practice brochures via our website, which will be a hub for an increasing number of online tools to support the potato industry.

Our Knowledge Campaigns:

Business Improvement
Crop Nutrition
Plant health
Soil and Water