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25 July 2014

Health & Safety Training

AHDB Potatoes have developed a modular training programme for the Industry to train staff in procedures to ensure a safe working environment, whilst emphasising product quality and the correct use of machinery within operations that are regarded as high risk.

These videos and tests were originally available on DVD and have now been made available via our website to help make them more broadly available.

To access the online training go to Safe Potato Operations in our Online Toolbox area. 

There you will find a number of modules with videos and questionnaires designed to advise on best safety practice for all those involved with the harvesting, storage and distribution of potatoes.


The DVD is free to levy payers which can be ordered by emailing your levy registration number and postcode to

The programme covers 4 key areas and offers subtitles in 6 additional languages:

Polish, Portuguese, Latvian & Lithuanian – All Modules

French & Dutch – Transport Module only

  1. Introduction to Health & Safety – ideal for use as a part of an induction process.
  2. Harvesting – a session for use at the commencement of the season.
  3. Storage – highlights the hazards of working at height and low levels of lighting.
  4. Handling – covers the transportation of potatoes in bulkers, boxes and bulk bags.