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Seed Potatoes

3 April 2011

This page contains links to information and resources that are designed to be useful for you whether producing, marketing or sourcing quality seed potatoes.

Potato Variety Database 

In-depth, independent variety information and links to breeders and agents. This database provides information on over 150 different varieties from National Listing trials and AHDB Potatoes-funded Independent Variety Trials (IVT's). Enter the database here.


Safe Haven

60% of British seed is now covered by the voluntary Safe Haven scheme which aims to protect the British potato industry and its customers from bacterial Ring Rot. 

Click here for more information. Information on Dickeya spp. can be found here.



Download information on how to help protect seed crops from contamination by Glyphosate.


Seed Potato Classification Schemes 

Information on the Seed Potato Classification Schemes in Scotland and England & Wales is available from SASA and Fera. This includes the latest Registers for seed potatoes, advice, application documents and statistics.


Seed Rate guides

Seed Rate Guides for ware production of Estima, Hermes, Lady Rosetta, Maris Peer, Maris Piper, Marfona, King Edward and Saturna are now available. These guides can be viewed, downloaded and printed from the Publications section. Seed rate guides for the varieties Marfona and King Edward will be published in 2012.


Aphid monitoring

Aphid monitoring is a AHDB Potatoes service, hosted by Fera and introduced in 2004, providing growers with timely aphid capture data on a regional basis. It consists of 100 yellow water traps, emptied weekly and based in the main seed growing areas of GB.

Growers can sign-up for text and email alerts warning of high virus pressure in chosen regions. Alerts for the first Peach Potato Aphids can allow you to schedule aphid sprays and prioritise products used, in order to control colonising aphids and minimise selection pressure for insecticide resistance. Follow this link for further aphid advice.

The AHDB Potatoes Seed and Export Team 
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