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Euro Potato

Euro Potato provides a review of crops and markets from the major potato growing countries in northern Europe and beyond.


  • Euro Potato - 01 June 2007

    Unexpected end to the 2006/07 trading season leaves growers confusedConsolidated European industry prepared for shorter supplies at the end of the seasonMarkets currently falling rapidly in price...

  • Euro Potato - 28 June 2007

    End of the 2006/07 trading period suffers rapid price drops2007 crop early processing supplies expected in volume from mid JulyBlight is reported to be a concern across most of Northern Europe

  • Euro Potato - 09 August 2007

    Provisional planting estimates for major EU 5 countriesUpdate on crop conditions across northern EuropeNew import review by country

  • Euro Potato - 30 August 2007

    In Northern Europe crops are maturing two weeks ahead of last year, plants are senescing rapidly and harvest is earlyHigh yields are reported across but quality and storability is still unclearEarly...

  • Euro Potato - 27 September 2007

    EU 15 production estimated to be 5.7% up on last yearHigh yields reported on the continent, although full wastage levels still to be assessedMarkets are firm with prices steady in most countries

  • Euro Potato - 1 November 2007

    2007 harvest completed over Northern Europe, slightly later than usualHigh yields in most continental countries with wastage lower than last yearFirm markets currently reported despite news of larger...

  • Euro Potato - 13 December 2007

    EU 5 Ware potato production up 8% on 2006 from an increased planted area of 2%With adequate supplies available predictions are for limited price increases in the new year on continental...

  • Euro Potato - 07 February 2008

    Northern European markets remain stableStocks are high but moving well, particularly from contracts2008 crop area estimates in Northern Europe similar to 2007Israeli imports to UK expected to be...

  • Euro Potato - 11 March 2008

    High stock levels are placing price pressure on continental marketsProcessors in Northern Europe continue to work to capacityLower 2008 planting levels predicted in EU 5 countries

  • Euro Potato - 11 April 2008

    Delayed planting across Northern Europe helps lift marketsExport trade to the East is increasing and lifting demand for maincrop stockNew crop imports to GB remain limited with deliveries behind last...