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  • Potatoes: a fresh outlook

    Available free to levy payers is a new research report which brings a new focus to drive sales - it presents a fresh outlook for the potato category. It combines finding from three major consumer research studies, providing insight into what motivates shoppers when buying and eating potatoes, as well as their experiences at the potato fixture. Caroline Evans, head of marketing and corporate...

    18 November 2011

  • Research underway on varietal resistance to Dickeya solani

    AHDB Potatoes has commissioned two new tests as part of the ongoing Independent Variety Trials programme. One of these is to discover varietal resistance to the new blackleg strain that cost the Dutch potato industry €25 million in 2007.  The Independent Variety Trials programme has been underway for some time, but additional tests have been added from 2011 onwards. One of these is focused on...

    16 November 2011

  • Study to establish best-practice in-store management

    Improved store management of diseases affecting seed tubers and their effects on the subsequent crop will help establish best practice for storage, says Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research plant pathologist Glyn Harper.  The one-year AHDB Potatoes-funded project R457 has two aims; to quantify the effects of different storage regimes on seed-borne diseases and to understand how they affect the...

    15 November 2011

  • Seed satisfaction survey is now available online!

    Complete the online seed satisfaction survey now and help the seed sector to evolve to suit your needs, urges AHDB Potatoes head of seed and export, Mark Prentice.  Aimed at everyone who buys or grows seed potatoes, the AHDB Potatoes-commissioned survey is designed to find out how satisfied growers are with their ability to source chosen varieties and whether quality meets requirements.     Mark...

    15 November 2011

  • Carbon footprint and water management under the spotlight at BP2011

    In a seminar at BP2011, AHDB Potatoes head of R&D Mike Storey will be examining  grower concerns such as carbon footprints and water management.  “The potato is strongly positioned as a sustainable crop in GB despite having to address a range of complex and inter-linked production challenges that relate to carbon and water foot-printing, However, the key to success will be the ability of the...

    15 November 2011