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  • Water Abstraction

    An invitation to tender on Water Abstraction has been launched today by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s potato and horticulture divisions.  The purpose of this work is to analyse and interpret the resilience of the potato and horticulture sectors to the proposed changes in water abstraction legislation in Britain.  Water is an essential resource for all plant growth. For...

    1 September 2015

  • Epitrix beetle: update and advice

    The UK Plant Health Services have issued a letter updating the position with findings of Epitrix on potatoes imported from previously non-demarcated areas of Spain. The letter and accompanying leaflet are linked below. Epitrix is a very damaging pest of potato from North America that is now established in Spain and Portugal and imported potatoes from these countries represents a real and present...

    28 August 2015

  • Are your staff trained for this harvesting & grading season?

    Harvesting and grading operations within the GB potato industry has seen 2 fatalities and 4 serious injuries in the past 5 years. You have a legal duty of care to your staff in preparation for your harvest. AHDB Potatoes ‘Safe Potato operations’ training modules are available. These modules are designed for training groups of employees in safe harvesting and grading practices. At the end of the...

    12 August 2015

  • New grant announcement from Defra

    New today: Defra have announced a £24 million ‘Growth Programme’ this summer under the rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) for rural businesses and communities. Local priorities have been established across the country. Applications for grants opened today and is targeted at initiatives benefiting local areas and making a big difference to the rural economy. Opportunities include...

  • Potatoes South Australia: Potato industry receives top funding to reduce waste through value-adding

    The South Australian Potato Industry has received funding of $100,000 under the State Government’s Advanced Food Manufacturing (AFM) grant program to enable a project utilising potatoes which are graded-out due to size or shape and do not meet supermarket specifications. Consequently they have no commercial value and are in fact a cost. Partners Potatoes South Australia and the FOODPlus Research...