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  • £150K potato storage fellowship cultivates cutting edge fruit research

    Capitalising on work from the horticulture sector, Dr Richard Colgan, leading post-harvest physiologist at the Natural Resources Institute (NRI), aims to improve the delivery timing of potato crops into the UK retail and processing sector in one of three AHDB Potatoes awarded fellowships. “Storage is key to potato production in Great Britain. Over 3¼ million tonnes are stored every year and...

    9 February 2016

  • Food-based digestate could cut bagged nitrogen costs

    Farmers Weekly Growers should be making the most of the organic nutrients found in food-based digestates to save on bagged nitrogen fertilisers and promote healthy soils, according to a report. Many organic materials, such as composts, manures and digestates, contain nitrogen that can be used as a crop fertiliser, but it is often unclear how this becomes available to plants. The results of a five...

  • Good potato marketing needed as season reaches crucial point

    Prices have improved over the past year but marketing is likely to be vital going forward, AHDB said

  • Total exports reached better-than-expected 50,000 tonnes last year

    British seed exports to Egypt fell by six per cent during the last year following new last-minute tuber sizing restrictions.  Total exports, however, still reached 50,000 tonnes, with industry body AHDB Potatoes reporting that the season was better than expected. There had been fears that the last-minute changes to standards would damage British firms, as Egypt takes around 60 per cent of UK seed...

  • Updated tools to manage risk in the GB potato market

    AHDB market analyst, Arthur Marshall, discusses how keeping track of trends and market opportunities helps growers make crucial trading decisions. Up-to-date and relevant market intelligence is vital for farming businesses. “We’re at that pivotal point again in the potato farming calendar. Each week from now, more of 2015 crop will be utilised ex-store, and more of the 2016 will be planted in the...

    4 February 2016