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  • Farmed Environment campaign launches pollinator events

    Farmers Weekly The Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE) will be running a series of 30 events across England to help farmers make more pollinator-friendly decisions. The events, to take place throughout July, will focus on how to provide space for pollinators by making the best use of unproductive areas of the farm. All events are free and aim to cover core themes, such as establishing...

  • Farmers urged to watch working hours of staff at harvest

    With Farm Safety Week launching next week, health and safety experts are urging farm managers to be aware of the hours their workers are doing.

  • 'Signs of hope' on the horizon, say weather experts

    Wet weather continues to dampen spirits in the UK this week, but weather experts suggest there may be ’some signs of hope’ in the future.

  • AHDB leading agriculture through BREXIT

    The decision to leave the EU is a game-changer for UK farming and growing. The Brexit vote opens four key areas of question for our agricultural and horticultural industries around trade, regulation, labour and support.

  • Glyphosate gets eleventh-hour reprieve from European Commission

    Glyphosate will continue to be available to UK farmers for the next 18 months at least, after the European Commission stepped in at the last-minute to re-authorise it.