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  • Survey reveals roast dinner and Fish and Chips most iconic British meals

    According to detailed survey, the 'Britishness Audit', traditional British roast dinner with roast beef, roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings is the most iconic thing about Britain, followed in close second by national favourite Fish and Chips.

  • NASA to grow potatoes on Mars

    NASA and the International Potato Center (CIP) will start cultivating potatoes in Mars-like conditions on Earth, with the hope of eventually building a controlled dome on Mars capable of farming the ancient crop. A second goal of the project is to highlight the role of potatoes in improving global food security.

  • Crucial survey to help secure water access

    The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) is urging potato and field vegetable growers to take part in a crucial water usage survey to generate robust data about how these sectors of the industry source their irrigation water and how security of supply could be affected by forthcoming abstraction legislation changes. With changes due to be implemented over the next four years,...

    4 January 2016

  • Rodent control training hub to help with new requirements

    A free, self-study training course on rodent control is available for farmers via an industry online hub, ‘Rodent Control on Farms’.   It’s one of several training routes to help farmers who want to become certificated to use professional rodenticide products under new rules. The hub has been funded by AHDB and developed in partnership with other industry organisations including British Poultry...

    4 January 2016

  • Potato winter events examine nutrition-based promotion

    AHDB Potatoes’ Winter Forum programme enables GB potato growers to get a head start on the latest technical information for the season ahead. Held around the country throughout January and February, the 2016 Winter Forums will feature an exciting new topic - nutrition and promotion links - and will kick-start AHDB Potatoes’ 2016 events programme soon after New Year. The Winter Forums will run in...

    21 December 2015