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28 July 2015

The Retail Market

Latest data from Kantar Worldpanel, for the 52-weeks and 12-weeks ending 21 June 15:

  • In the latest 12-weeks, fresh volumes were up 1.2%, with steady year-on-year growth in April and May supporting this. Reds are in strong year-on-year growth; volumes rose 13.6% in the latest 12 weeks.
  • The volume of fresh potatoes sold at the discounters rose by 19.2% year-on-year, in the 52 w/e 21 Jun 15. This helped the overall market growth (+0.4%), as volumes at the Top 4 retailers (which account for 69% of fresh potato volumes) were down 0.4%.
  • Although both savoury snacks and crisps are seeing lower trip volumes, savoury snacks are benefitting from greater increase in purchase frequency (+7% in the latest 12 weeks).
  • Chilled potato products were purchased by 49.2% of households in the year ending 21 Jun 15. This has been steadily increasing and was up from 46.9% in the year ending 22 Jun 14.

Please note that fresh potato volumes have been reweighted by Kantar Worldpanel and differ from previous updates. This also impacts historical data. For further information please contact

52 w/e P5 2015
12 w/e P5 2015

*includes all products listed above but does not include potatoes used in other products such as ready meals

This information is based on latest data from Kantar Worldpanel, for the GB Retail Market. It is updated on a monthly basis.

Latest market report - Consumer Category Report May 2015

  • Fresh potato volumes continue to stabilise, although value remains under pressure from lower average prices.
  • Grocery inflation, as measured by Kantar Worldpanel, stood at –2.0% in the 12 weeks ending 29 March 2015.
  • Consumer confidence is up and trust in industry pricing is improving.
  • The discounters continue to post strong growth. In the latest 12-week period, Aldi overtook Waitrose to become the nation’s sixth largest retailer.
  • Discounter growth may influence fresh potato variety range and pricing across total retail.

The Consumer Category Report incorporates current market trends in retail, in-home consumption and foodservice. It is published on a quarterly basis and replaces the Retail, Consumer and Foodservice reports. The report is available download from the Knowledge Hub.

This report is available free-of-charge to levy payers. Email to be added to the circulation list.

AHDB Potatoes activity

The primary focus of AHDB Potatoes activity is on the consumer, which benefits all routes to market. Working with the major retailers and their supply chains does present a major opportunity to reach the consumer.

  • Research: AHDB Potatoes provides bespoke insights into the potato shopper which can be used to drive value and grow volumes.
  • Promotions: AHDB Potatoes campaigns provide a platform for retail activity, linking activity in store or the through promotions. National Chip Week (February) and Potato Week (October) provide two focus points.
  • Resources: for smaller retailers AHDB Potatoes has a range of posters and promotional literature available which can be used to help promote.