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26 January 2016

The Retail Market

Latest data from Kantar Worldpanel, up to 03 January 2016:

  • Fresh potatoes had a significant uplift over the Christmas period, with volumes up 5.0% in the 4 w/e 03 Jan 16 when compared with the same period a year earlier. Along with a 2.2% increase in average price, this meant that spend was up 7.3%.

  • This contributed to a 1.8% volume increase for fresh potatoes, for the full 12-weeks ending 03 Jan 16. Young consumers, particularly families with children aged up to four years old, were the main driver of this growth.

  • The volume of fresh potatoes sold at the hard discounters (Aldi and Lidl) rose by 22.6% in the 12 w/e 03 Jan 16. This is on top of 23.2% growth last year. Meanwhile, volumes sold through the Top 4 retailers (Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco) were down 2.9%.

  • Chilled potatoes continue to be one of the strongest growth areas. An increase in the proportion of households purchasing these products made the largest contribution to the 7.8% year-on-year volume increase in the 12 w/e 03 Jan 16. Lower prices may have attracted some people into the category, with average price down by 4.1% over the same period.

Please note that fresh potato volumes were reweighted by Kantar Worldpanel in July 2015 and differ from previous updates. This also impacts historical data. For further information please contact

*Includes all products listed above but does not include potatoes used in other products such as ready meals
N/C - No change

This information is based on latest data from Kantar Worldpanel, for the GB Retail Market. It is updated on a monthly basis.

Latest market report - Consumer Category Report November 2015

  • Fresh volumes were up 0.4% year-on-year in the latest 12-week period. In the prepacked market, only maincrop made gains 
  • The extension of the free school food plan to all primary school-aged children could pose an £11m threat to the retail crisp market
  • Baking potato retail sales are not stabilising in the same way as total fresh potatoes
  • Only around 9% of the population will have a jacket potato meal within an average week. There is, therefore, a massive opportunity to grow presence in consumers’ diets.
  • There is steady growth in the British foodservice market. Potatoes have outperformed the overall market, with fish and chip shops playing a key part in driving growth in chip servings

The Consumer Category Report incorporates current market trends in retail, in-home consumption and foodservice. It is published on a quarterly basis and replaces the Retail, Consumer and Foodservice reports. The report is available download from the Knowledge Hub.

This report is available free-of-charge to levy payers. Email to be added to the circulation list.

AHDB Potatoes activity

The primary focus of AHDB Potatoes activity is on the consumer, which benefits all routes to market. Working with the major retailers and their supply chains does present a major opportunity to reach the consumer.

  • Research: AHDB Potatoes provides bespoke insights into the potato shopper which can be used to drive value and grow volumes.
  • Promotions: AHDB Potatoes campaigns provide a platform for retail activity, linking activity in store or the through promotions.
  • Resources: for smaller retailers AHDB Potatoes has a range of posters and promotional literature available which can be used to help promote.