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Market Intelligence

Wholesale Market Report

27 July 2015

Wholesale market prices quoted relate to the stated pack weight and reflect the range of prices for class one produce prevailing on the day of collation, provided on Friday 24 July 2015.

The markets represented include Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool and the main London wholesale markets. Figures are supplied by the Fresh Produce Journal from their market sources.

WARE (Old 2014 Crop):


Weight Price Range
Glasgow 25kg -
Liverpool 25kg -
New Covent Garden 25kg -
New Spitalfields 25kg £6.50
Birmingham 25kg -


Reds Weight Price Range
New Covent Garden 25kg -
Glasgow 25kg -
Birmingham 25kg -
Liverpool 25kg -
New Spitalfields 25kg £4.50


BAKERS (Old 2014 Crop):

Bakers (40's) Weight Price Range
Birmingham 15kg -
Liverpool 15kg -
Glasgow 15kg £6.00-£6.50
New Covent Garden 15kg -
New Spitalfields 15kg -


BAKERS (New 2015 Crop):

Bakers (40's)  Weight Price Range
Birmingham            15kg £7.50


WARE (New 2015 Crop):

Whites                        Weight     Price Range    
Cornwall (Birmingham) 25kg £6.00
UK (Birmingham) 12.5kg £7.50
UK (Liverpool)                 25kg £7.00-£10.00


 IMPORTS (New 2015 Crop):

Imports  Weight          Price Range          
Cyprus (Liverpool)                      20kg             £10.00     
Cyprus (Glasgow) 20kg £8.50-£9.00
Cyprus (Birmingham) 20kg £10.00
Cyprus (New Spitalfields) 20kg £9.00
Isreal (Birmingham) 10kg £7.50
Jersey Mids (Birmingham) 10kg £5.50
Jersey Mids (New Spitalfields) 10kg £4.00
Jersey Ware (New Spitalfields) 15kg £4.80
Jersey Ware (Birmingham) 15kg £6.60
Spain (Birmingham) 20kg £9.00