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Potato industry honours Michael Higgins

25 August 2011

Michael (Mike) Higgins, founder and chairman of The Higgins Group has been awarded the 2009 British Potato Industry Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the potato industry, particularly in the processing sector.

Presenting the award at BP2009, AHDB Potatoes chairman Allan Stevenson highlighted Mr Higgins’ impressive career. “He has been at the forefront of innovation and change, pushing boundaries of potato marketing. He has been prepared to make bold decisions, when necessary, but always maintained that the potato grower was the key to success.
  As a testament to this, growers from the early days are still with the Higgins business today,” said Mr Stevenson.

 Doncaster-based The Higgins Group, celebrating 50 years of business this year, remains a private, family owned business, with a multi-million pound turnover in the UK and international markets. It participates in the entire potato supply chain from mini-tubers in Scotland to finished product in the domestic kitchen.

 “Mr Higgins has been instrumental in creating a stable and secure market for potato growing by developing fixed-price contracts, long term storage regimes and new market opportunities for UK potatoes,” explained Mr Stevenson.

 Nominations for the 2010 award will open in May next year.

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