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6 January 2016

Download Version 6.7 of the AHDB Arable Benchmark model

 AHDB Arable Benchmark model. An essential tool for all arable growers.
The new version of the model has been released, included is the Comparative Cost profiles for the 2016 Crop season.
To access the new version click on the link below to log in website using your existing Benchmarking email address and password.
New users should complete the simple registration process.
The Arable Benchmark model is an essential part of understanding the profitability of each of your arable enterprises. The model will allow you to monitor your performance by crop and each growing season, comparing your performance with industry data, incorporated within the model. 
Users can then choose to utilise their results in group benchmarking forums by the click of the submit button.
Your data is secure and confidential to you.
When you join a group you allow your data to form part of the group summary reports.
  • Group Data Reports
  • Maximum
  • Average
  • Minimum
  • Upper Quartile
Data in the summary format above is only available to approved group members
A NEW Instruction manual is available.

NEW Storage Cost Calculator

Access the new model: Storage Cost Calculator

For information on the Business Improvement Programme Contact:
Phil Bradshaw, Technical Executive
07776 492 274


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