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17 April 2015

The Fresh Sector

AHDB Potatoes marketing activity

Activity supporting the fresh supply chain includes:

  • Campaigns: From showing consumers that potatoes can be convenient and modern with inspiring campaigns such as Potato Week, to supporting the chip sector by working with chip shop owners to reverse the decline in the value of potato sales and postively promote chips over other takeaways.

  • EU investment: AHDB Potatoes secured additional investment to promote potatoes through an EU co-financed campaign in conjunction with France and Belgium. This increase our spend on promotion by €810.000 over three years, including being able to fund a short burst of TV advertising at the start of the new season.

  • Issues management: managing the potato’s reputation is key to neutralise potentially negative stories. This area of work helps protect the market for the crop – from dieting to new technologies.

  • Corporate affairs: potatoes are a healthy low impact crop and AHDB Potatoes is presenting the evidence to key influencers on the industry’s behalf to ensure this is recognised. Raising the profile of potatoes in Government, for example, has the potential to reap significant rewards.

  • Education: reconnecting children with the food they eat is key to ensuring that we have a new generation of consumers that make informed choices. Encouraging children to have hands on experience helps them build a relationship with potatoes.

  •  Research: there is significant investment in research to support the fresh market – from understanding shopper behaviour in store to looking at how consumption can be driven at home. All research is commissioned in after consultation with industry to ensure it delivers good value – and increases the knowledge base.

50% of the GB crop goes in the fresh supply chain, with the majority being sold through the major retailers. AHDB Potatoes marketing and corporate affairs works on behalf of all sectors of the industry delivering benefit for the levy monies invested. The primary focus of our activity is on the consumer, promoting the generic properties of the potato (healthy, natural, tasty, sustainable and versatile), which benefits all routes to market.


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Collaboration across the supply chain is key to ensuring that long term demand is sustained, promoting a strong message. This and greater involvement in campaigns and projects will bring rewards; both at a business and industry-wide level. Find out how you can get involved.