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30 August 2013

Building positive awareness for potatoes

AHDB Potatoes Marketing promotes the benefits of potatoes and highlights the work of the British Potato industry in the media. PR campaigns are run regularly throughout the year, targeting the media that our key audience of mums are most likely to see; national and regional newspapers, consumer interest publications and websites. This approach allows us to generate maximum returns, which currently stand at £21 of coverage for every £1 levy invested.

We work with production companies to ensure positive information and facts about potatoes are included in TV programmes, such as the BBC’s ‘Britain’s Favourite Supermarket Foods’. In addition, we regularly pitch stories to radio stations, sell-in feature articles to magazines, generate attention grabbing news stories and ensure potato recipes appear in print and online to inspire shoppers.

Managing and responding to sensitive and high-profile issues is also part of the very important work we undertaken on behalf of the industry. This often results in us changing negative or incorrect perceptions about potatoes or reducing the likelihood of such stories appearing.

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Potatoes in the news

Here are just some of our most recent coverage highlights

October 2013

It seems that the media can't get enough of potatoes… Potato Week was mentioned not once, but twice in The Sun as resident Saturday columnists Alex James and Peter Seabrook got behind it! A number of articles have appeared in lifestyle and foodie magazines and websites (such as thanks to the involvement of celebrity chef and mum Jo Pratt, as well as a video blog on Mail Online. Jo also took part in a dozen radio interviews.

Our team of Potato Ambassadors have been generating much interest in the Week with their potato and recipe drops to local media, resulting in coverage from the Canterbury Times, to the Lutterworth Mail and the Fenland Citizen.

Twitter has been buzzing with news of Potato Week with mentions from all spheres, including @TescoFood and @SainsburysPR, @LoveBritishFood, @LFHW_UK (Love Food Hate Waste), @deliciousmag, @KPSnacks and @officialSPAMUK to name just a few.

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