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Grower Gateway - Issue 1, 2012

Publication Date: 
19 January 2012


Raising issues awareness at Winter Forums
Input losses can cause inadvertent pollution and can affect growers’ profit margins, says Nigel Simpson, project manager for Catchment Sensitive Farming, who will be speaking at this year’s Winter Forums. These will take place on January 25 at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research and February 16 at Harper Adams University College. More...


Chris Steele’s Top Planting Tips
If seedbed preparation is inadequate, even the best soils will produce inferior crops as uniform sprout emergence and young plant vigour depend on a consistent, firm, porous, moist bed, says AHDB Potatoes technical executive Chris Steele.


Reduce blackleg risk in seed
Growers should take suitable measures this season to minimise the chances of blackleg infections in the field this coming season, warns Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research plant pathologist Dr Glyn Harper. More...


Measuring energy use is first step to reducing costs
Closer monitoring of electricity use in potato stores can significantly reduce bills, AHDB Potatoes research has revealed. It will also help meet increasingly tight carbon footprint requirements being introduced by multinational buyers and supermarkets. More...


Steps towards making irrigation more efficient
Making the most efficient use of irrigation is becoming increasingly important as application costs spiral. While checking equipment is often the first action that springs to mind, a little time spent checking what happens to the water once it hits the soil could also pay dividends. More...


Controlling weed problems
Potato growers will have to put greater reliance on post-emergence herbicides to control problem weeds as residual chemistry comes under pressure from both regulators and the weather. More...


Act now and reduce the potential glyphosate contamination risk
If you are renting land for seed potatoes, identify surrounding crops that pose a risk of providing glyphosate contamination and make sure your landlord understands the issue, recommends AHDB Potatoes head of seed and export Mark Prentice. More...


World Potato Congress speakers outline key developments in 2012
This year’s World Potato Congress, to be held in Edinburgh in May and organised by AHDB Potatoes, has attracted a remarkable line-up of international speakers. Grower Gateway asks them what notable developments for growers they think 2012 will bring. More...


Events and publications


January 25: Winter Forum East (Sutton Bridge)

February 8-10: Fruit Logistica, Berlin

February 8: SAC Potato Growers Conference, York racecourse

February 16: Winter Forum West, Harper Adams

March 1: Storage Forum East, Sutton Bridge

March 2: Storage Forum West, Herefordshire racecourse

April/May: South West Potato Day (date and venue tbc)


May 27-30: World Potato Congress, Edinburgh 


June: Welsh Potato Day (date and venue tbc)


June: West Midlands Potato Day (date and venue tbc)


June: South East Potato Day (date and venue tbc)


July 5: East Midlands Potato Day, Manor Farm, Holbeach Hurn


July 17: Fife Potato Day (venue tbc)


August 9: Potatoes in Practice, Balruddery Farm, Dundee


August 30: East of England Potato Day (Suffolk)


September 4: North of England Potato Day (venue tbc)


September 12-13: Potato Europe, France


November 29: Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research Storage Day




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Cost Benefit Analyses:

Best practice control for outgrade piles:

Cost of production crop year 2011:

Glyphosate advice leaflet and sticker

Common Scab guide:
Business Improvement guide:
Seed rate guides:

Crop Nutrition for Potatoes:
Environmental guidance for potato production
(partnership publication):

Growers’ advice The Water Framework Directive and how it will impact on potato growers. To download a copy go to the Growers Advice area.

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