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Potato Weekly - 26 November 2012

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26 November 2012

  • The GB weekly average price was £218.68/t and the free-buy average was £303.93/t last week.
  • Free-buy packing supplies were generally insufficient for requirements with trading situations again influenced by demand for Christmas stocks. This had a firming effect on prices, particularly M Piper and best whites with high baker contents. Contracted stocks accounted for most of current movement, supplemented by imports.
  • Overall demand for bagged supplies remained slow and although supplies increased, they were still on the light side. Prices were steadier than of late but there was some upwards movement at the top of the range in the East for very best frying samples.
  • The AHDB Potatoes Grower Panel Lifting Survey ( estimates that just under 109,000ha (89% of the total crop and over 2,700ha greater than last week's estimate) was cleared to Thursday 22 November.

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