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  • CIPC Stewardship

    View the CIPC Stewardship Group page for best practice and application information.    

  • 114R483 CIPC in Commercial Stores

    Background CIPC has been under stewardship for 5 years. There are on-going concerns that MRL exceedances are still being found, notably in box stores and specifically in stores with overhead-throw...

  • Storage Season 2012 presentation at East of England Potato Day August 2013 by Adrian Briddon

    AHDB Potatoes’s Adrian Briddon, from Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research, reviews the 2012 storage season and discusses CIPC stewardship.

  • CIPC Stewardship

    View the CIPC Stewardship Group page for best practice and application information.

  • R464 Ethylene for Processing

    Industry Challenge CIPC is currently the only storage sprout suppressant available for the processing industry but there are threats to usage.  A strategy to reduce the overall quantity of CIPC used...

  • R463 CIPC Use in Low Temperature Pre-pack Stores

    Industry Challenge CIPC is the main sprout suppressant used in GB. Due to exceedances in the Maximum Residue Level (MRL) the chemical was referred to the Advisory Committee on Pesticides, and a cross...

  • CIPC: check your limits

    Early dormancy break has been a particular problem this season, exacerbated further by warm autumn temperatures. This made it impossible, in some situations, to make initial applications at the...

  • R265 Impact of Modified Storage Practices on Sprout Suppression

    Aim: To quantify the impact of modified CIPC application practices, as observed and utilised in North America. Storage practices observed in North America (NA) differ markedly from those used in GB (...

  • R438 Alternative Sprout Suppressants

    Aim: To assess likely alternatives to CIPC and their potential for use in place of, or in combination with CIPC to provide enhanced control and/or reduced chemical usage and associated residues. The...

  • R414 CIPC Application in Box Stores

    Aim: To evaluate the impact of modified application practices on the distribution of CIPC in box stores and to determine how store parameters influence CIPC behaviour. CIPC applications were made to...