Adam Doxford

Crop Protection Scientist - Pesticide Regulations

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Adam has worked for AHDB since November 2019 having previously spent 10 years working in pesticide regulation, where he project-managed technical input for pesticide authorisations in a range of horticultural and broadacre crops, including EAMU applications. Following graduation from university with a BSc in Zoology, Adam worked in the civil service for several years before deciding that he wanted a career change. He opted to undertake part-time study for an Applied Horticulture BSc at Askham Bryan, York with the ambition of making his way into the horticulture sector.

Having found working with the AHDB crop protection team in his previous role uniquely challenging, Adam decided to apply for the Crop Protection Officer role, knowing that his regulatory experience would be put to good use helping growers to access plant protection products for speciality crops, something which is often difficult for them due to the small market they present for agrochemical companies. Adam also felt this was an excellent opportunity to gain more practical experience of horticulture, and improve his agronomic knowledge and understanding of pest, weed and disease management.

Since joining AHDB, he has found the organisation to be vastly varied, and is continually impressed by his colleague’s breadth and depth of knowledge of horticulture. Adam feels that the team encourages creative problem solving and ownership of work and work together to achieve the aims of bringing the latest research and developments in crop protection to growers.

In the Crop Health and IPM (CHIPM) Team, Adam is responsible for finding crop protection solutions for soft fruit, tree fruit, asparagus, outdoor cucurbits, rhubarb, sweetcorn and legmues. Typically, his daily tasks involve submitting EAMU applications to the pesticide regulator CRD, by ensuring that any application meets the relevant agronomic needs of growers, is efficacious (as well as crop safe) against the chosen target and meets the requirements of current pesticide regulations. Adam sees these applications as a collaborative process, and they involve frequent discussions with growers and agronomists, agrochemical companies, colleagues and regulators.

Since joining the organisation, Adam says he has found working at AHDB extremely rewarding, with achieving new EAMUs for growers making a tangible difference to growers’ businesses and helping them to keep pace with an increasingly challenging and restrictive regulatory system. He is also given space to learn and grow, and hugely values the acquisition of new knowledge. Colleagues and industry representatives are open with their praise and constructive feedback but, above all, Adam enjoys the challenge that pesticide regulation presents. Additionally, Adam is always looking for opportunities to get out of the office and see first-hand the problems faced by growers, so is keen to visit farms where possible.

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