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29 July 2022

Hub of all the AHDB Horticulture levy-funded research, resources, information and tools.

27 November 2020

This skills survey, which analysed responses from over 550 edible horticulture businesses across the UK

7 April 2021

Analysis of over 1,100 ornamental horticulture businesses provides insight into the specific skills and labour challenges affecting the sector.

1 December 2020

To help characterise the current labour and skills situation in horticulture, AHDB funded two industry skills surveys.

3 August 2021

A review of the provision of UK horticultural R&D

22 March 2021

The development of a fully automated harvesting system is crucial for broccoli growers who currently harvest manually and face increasing labour scarcity as well as the full impact of the National Living Wage by 2021.

3 March 2021

Robotic touch, sense, and learning of delicate vegetables

25 April 2019

What to expect from our new Strategic SmartHort Centres

2 May 2019

How to pick soft fruit - an induction film