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26 April 2024

Optimising containerised HNS nutrition

5 October 2022

Find an archive of previous editions of horticulture Grower magazine

21 June 2022

How to measure of soil phosphorus, potassium and magensium, pH and soil organic matter

10 May 2024

Index of the levy-funded research projects and information on protected and outdoor leafy salads.

18 April 2024

Index of the levy-funded research projects and information on stone fruit.

4 March 2022

Index of levy-funded research projects and reports on determinacy groups and nitrogen management in potatoes

10 November 2022

Find out why your Primula crop is developing brown leaf margins even when it is getting plenty of nutrients and growing well

10 November 2022

If you grow petunia or primula crops, read our guide to identifying and avoiding common nutrient problems

10 November 2022

It is much better to prevent nutrient deficiencies, like iron deficiencies in primula and petunia, rather than to treat them. It is best to use a best practice approach, like the one outlined on this page.

10 November 2022

The way that a crop is watered affects the delivery of the liquid feed. This page will help you understand the effect of the relationship between them.

10 November 2022

Measuring electrical conductivity is a useful method of monitoring the level of nutrients in irrigation water, growing media and liquid feed stocks. This guidance is aimed at helping with decision making for feed application in bedding crops.