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17 March 2021

An understanding of the pathogen’s life cycle will assist with disease prevention, early detection and control.

17 March 2021

It is important to investigate the causes of poor establishment or growth

17 March 2021

To manage clubroot, extend the rotation, limit movement of infected materials, manage weeds, improve soil drainage and maintain soil above pH 7

20 May 2021

Find out how your choice of crops and varieties influences clubroot risk

6 June 2022

Learn about the life cycle of this important virus-spreading aphid

3 April 2020

Join Bastiaan Brak as he outlines how to use the Recommended List variety selection tool

29 September 2021

This definitive guide to arable weeds in the UK contains full colour photographs for identification plus information on life cycles, location, biology and management

17 March 2021

Build an integrated pest management (IPM) approach for this disease

6 June 2022

The main slug species of UK field crops and options for control