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7 July 2011

What is collaborate?

Collaborate is integrating our work with the potato industry. We are funded by the potato industry, from growers, packers and processors and our work can only be successful with its support. The potato industry is able to get involved in all of our work; from consumer campaigns to Grow Your Own Potatoes and helping to communicate messages on issues such as sustainability, growing the crop, planting and harvesting, storage – everything to do with potatoes in fact.

See above, our Promotional vehicle is available for levy payers to use to help promote potatoes, see 'Get Involved' pages to see how you can book it

What is the benefit to the industry from this work?

We regularly meet with levy payers in the supply chain to show how they can maximise opportunities to get involved in our campaigns. These opportunities seek to add value to supply chain activities around promotion. For example, showing the health, convenience and versatility of potatoes through recipes available online, which packers and retailers can also use at point of sale. We also work with processors to promote Chip Week and develop branding for retail store packs – linking to key messages, competitions and recipes.

Consumers are also increasingly interested in where their food comes from, so we have a team of ‘Potato Ambassadors’ to help us communicate postitive messages. All of the ambassadors are potato growers, who live life on the farm and manage modern farm businesses, and hail from different regions of the country:

  • South West – Reuben Collins

  • South East – Matt Spanton

  • East of England – Kevin Stokes

  • East Anglia – Mike Newling

  • Western England – Angela Cliffe

  • Wales – Nigel Raymond

  • Yorkshire – Amanda Cornforth

  • North West – Robin Cropper

  • Scotland – Peter Grewar

See more about the Potato Ambassadors

Our campaigns generate national, regional and local news. Without industry support this wouldn't be possible. Media page

What have been the successes?

By integrating our work with the industry we can deliver consistent messages about potatoes. This helps the entire sector to drive sales and promote the product together

What is the work based on? Our evidence…

We know consumers are interested in where their food comes from and this is backed up by our research on consumer attitudes and trends. See our research here 

I want to be involved, how can I do this?

We will be looking for new ambassadors in 2014. We will keep you informed about our campaign for this, if in the meantime you are interested in the role and what it involves, please  email: