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Using AHDB Potatoes levy numbers for trace-back

14 August 2014

Under current Plant Health legislation there are statutory requirements to mark ware potato packaging with a unique identification number, to enable ‘trace-back’ of potatoes in case of pest or disease problems.

This is a Europe wide single market requirement and failure to show this number can result in rejections of potatoes sent to other member states.

Defra and the Scottish Government have decided not to impose a separate identification scheme, but to accept the Levy Payer numbers issued by AHDB Potatoes for the purpose of compliance.

Growers are advised to ensure that they meet the regulations by showing their Levy Payer numbers on all potato sacks and containers.

The relevant legislation is:

  • England – The Plant Health (England) Order 2005
  • Scotland – The Plant Health (Scotland) Order 2005
  • Wales – The Plant Health (Wales) Order 2006

Reminder EU plant health legislation when marketing ware potatoes (DEFRA & The Scottish Government)