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21 November 2011

What is ‘Promote?’


Leading the line by influencing shoppers and consumers to cook and eat more potatoes, by promoting the intrinsic health and nutritional benefits of potatoes when compared to other carbohydrates.  Focusing on the fresh sector, with substantial activity carried out in support of the chip shop sector, our consumer facing activity generates millions of GBP worth of coverage and over 300m opportunities to see our messaging each year, through PR and recipe placement, advertising, events and online activity.

We aim to inspire consumers, particularly younger ones, to eat more potatoes and make them an everyday choice.

The Many Faces of Potatoes campaign, an EU co-financed initiative alongside France and Belgium whose sectors face similar challenges with younger consumers, has successfully helped to highlight the versatility, convenience and healthiness of the potato through a wide range of consumer-centred marketing tools.

Our third Many Faces of Potatoes TV advertisement aired between July 1-14 2013, demonstrating the health benefits of potatoes in a family home situation. It previewed on ITV1 at 8:45am on Daybreak on Monday July 1, with further 30" runs on Daybreak, ITV Digital, Sky1, Sky Living, Discovery Channel and Food Network. Other key spots include Jeremy Kyle on ITV1, Coronation Street and Emmerdale on ITV2, Mad Dogs and Modern Family on Sky1, and Man v Food on Food Network.


What is the benefit to the industry from this work?

Potato consumption is declining, particularly among younger consumers. By promoting the versatility of potatoes, sitting alongside other key messages of health and convenience for busy parents and young professionals, we aim to show families that potatoes are an important part of a sustainable diet and ensure that demand for potatoes is sustained and increased.


What is the work based on? Evidence….

All of our work in AHDB Potatoes Marketing is supported by the latest consumer research and evidence.

We know that younger consumers (25-44) are consuming fewer potatoes through the ‘globalisation’ of the food market. Benchmarking against consumer attitudes towards our key messages helps us to understand how effective our campaigns are, and key insight into how consumers shop and eat allow us to target our marketing for greater exposure, and ultimately value.

We are constantly working to improve what we do and conduct regular focus groups around ad campaigns and other marketing tools to ensure that we are delivering the right messages in a clear and concise manner. To find out more, visit our ‘Understand’ section for more insight into the consumer.


What have been the successes?

  • Potato Week 2012 generating 92m opportunities to see (OTS) across national and regional press, key consumer titles and online activity
  • A 2% shift in attitudes towards potatoes as healthy
  • 66,000 visits per month to the Love Potatoes website, with over half of those visits looking at recipe inspiration. During 2012, the website attracted 1.4m visitors and was the number one choice for Potato recipes on Google search engine
  • A series of regional roadshows for the Many Faces of Potatoes campaign across major UK cities, compèred by French celebrity chef Jean-Christophe Novelli, as well as working with James Martin for two years running
  • Collaboration with Dawn Porter on a 28 day potato diet plan
  • Coverage in major national media, both news and consumer titles
  • Successful launch of a national TV advertising campaign, the first this millennium!


I want to be involved, how can I do this?

There are many ways in which you can get involved, such as:

  • Getting involved with regional roadshows that in conjunction with our campaigns – being present, engaging with consumers etc
  • Distribution of promotional material through retail outlets or key contacts
  • In store activity at point of sale or through on pack promotions
  • Please see more through our ‘How to get involved’ page