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7 July 2011

There are two strands of activity:

  • Understanding potato sales and consumption trends: looking at the main retail and foodservice markets, as well as tracking consumers behaviour in home.
  • Bespoke market research to drive marketing and NPD in industry: understanding market drivers. Looking at consumer attitudes and behaviours, to identify ways to increase potato consumption. It also includes looking at how shoppers behave in store, in order to optimise the fixture and help drive sales volume.

Industry benefit

Consumer and market research enable us to help you make profitable business decisions and highlights potential marketing opportunities. Building our knowledge of consumers and the best ways to reach them means we can increase the impact of our marketing campaigns. Investing at industry level allows the development of a shared knowledge base which individual businesses can build on to create a competitive advantage.


  • AHDB Potatoes has reduced the cost of purchasing data by working collaboratively with other AHDB divisions; producing two new reports to be produced on the foodservice market and in home consumption.
  • Previous research projects have shaped how potatoes are presented in store and some of the offer available today (as well as in the future).
  • New in store research has lead to some constructive conversations with major retailers about how to improve selling potatoes.

What is the work based on

  • Data is purchased from market leading suppliers: KANTAR WorldPanel, NPD Crest and YouGov Sixth Sense.
  • All bespoke research is commissioned using robust samples consulting a group of expert researchers with over 10 years potato industry experience.

Get involved

If you have a specific question you would like answered using our research please get in touch at