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10 June 2015

AHDB Potatoes is delivering applied research projects and knowledge transfer that will benefit levy payers by improving competitiveness and the sustainability of the industry. 

Crop Nutrition

Various levy funded projects that examined fertiliser use and uptake by potato crops have identified where potential savings can be made by matching application with true fertiliser requirement.

Gardeners Guidance

AHDB Potatoes has recognised the need to provide gardeners with information to ensure that all crops, whether they are grown in allotments and gardens or commercially, are healthy.

Grower Collaboration

Putting research into practice. The Grower Collaboration project involves taking a research result from a conventional research establishment, recruiting a high profile grower relevant to the subject who undertakes a commercial scale trial to evaluate a “Modified” practice against the growers “Conventional” practice. Reports for 2013 & 2014 are now available

Harvesting & Bruising

Help minimise bruising and cut losses to the industry by helping everyone involved in the production and handling of potatoes. Fourteen risk assessment advice sheets are available covering the agronomic factors that can influence a crop's susceptibility to bruising.
Harvester settings guides are a quick reference source of practical information for harvester operators.

Plant Health

Plant health remains a particular concern to the potato industry and will continue to be a focus for activity with sections covering areas such as Aphid & Viruses, Blight, Dickeya, PCN, Pest & Diseases, Root Knot Nematode, Safe Haven Seed, Levy payer numbers for trace-back.


AHDB Potatoes has information and resources that are designed to be useful for you whether producing, marketing or sourcing quality seed potatoes.


AHDB Potatoes Soil page contains information on managing soil for potato production providing publications, practical guides, research reports and latest news.


AHDB Potatoes Water page contains information on managing water usage for potato production providing links to information on Drought and Flooding, Water Framework Directive, Water Abstraction, Reservoirs, publications, practical guides, research reports and latest news.

Research into Practice

Factual, evidence-based advice, information and activity is core to what we do at AHDB Potatoes. So too is the need for the recommendations to be practical and applicable on farm. This makes our activity which puts research into practice a key area of work for us.