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Elveden Farms - West Suffolk (former SPot East host)

14 August 2019


Eleveden Farms Ltd is the former host of Strategic Potato (SPot) Farm East from 2016-19. Following the completion of the three year programme in January 2019 the farm will remain part of AHDB's Farm Excellence network and will host further research and trials.

The business specialises in vegetable production, particularly potatoes; onions; carrots; and parsnips. Elvden grows approximately 12,000 acres of potatoes comprising processing, pre-pack, and their own variety of home branded salad potatoes.

The new hosts of SPot East as of 1 September 2019 are James Foskett Farms Ltd.

Elveden Farms Ltd (, Thetford, West Suffolk - Map


  • Details to be announced soon

Topics covered in SPot programme:

  • Residual and contact Herbicides trial
  • Variety & PCN (Pallida): resistance and tolerance
  • Trap cropping options, demonstration
  • Black Dot, Nitrogen and defoliation, experiment
  • Determinacy
  • Sulphur

SPot East results

Click the links below to view reports and presentations from the SPot results day held over the three year programme:



Results Day 2019

Common Scab Control and Irrigation (2017)

Herbicides: Life after Linuron (2017)

Manipulating Tuber Numbers (2017)

Nitrogen and irrogation (2017)
Reducing Run-off (2017)


David Wilson

Knowledge Exchanage Manager

AHDB Potatoes

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