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SPot West Open Event

AHDB Potatoes event

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Event date: 
Thursday, 26 July, 2018 - 15:00 to 17:30
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Heal Farms, Shropshire

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Demonstrations at Heal Farms in Shawbury, the home of Strategic Potato Farm West will this year be looking at PCN with a particular focus on nematicides and biofumigation.

This Open Event will provide a basis for research in to alternative approaches for nematicide incorporation and nematicide combinations, which benefit both the environment as well as production yield.

Please take a look at the latest news from our SPot West field walk on Thursday 28 June


Miles Taylor Bayer Field Marketing Specialist roots. Miles will describe the Bayer research on use and efficacy of fluopyram against PCN and free living nematodes. He will explain the 6 treatments at SPot West, why they were chosen for comparison and their relative costs. Digs will be undertaken.

  • Full rate Nemathorin, (industry standard)
  • Half rate Nemathorin + fluopyram in furrow + Amistar (anticipated Heal Farm standard)
  • Half rate Nemathorin + fluopyram overall spray + Amistar (Bayer trials suggest benefit of overall spray in a majority of fields
  • Half rate Nemathorin + fluopyram in furrow + Monceren (Monceren is cheaper than Amistar but research by M.Back and others show it less effective for soil borne rhizoctonia)
  • Half rate Nemathorin + fluopyram in furrow (cost saving if rhizoctonia not severe)
  • Full rate Nemathorin + fluopyram in furrow + Amistar (most complete crop protection but most expensive)

Matthew Wallace Heal Farms Director will describe the reasons for the up-coming trial of the Danfoil air sprayer and how it may improve efficiency of application of foliar sprays.

Don Pendergrast, Product Development Manager Arysta and Adrian Briddon, Crop Storage Senior Scientist Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research. The joint presentation on the maleic hydrazide demonstration will cover:

  • Why we need to know more about MH, options if CIPC isn’t available as currently
  • Results from one year of the SBCSR alternative sprout suppressant project
  • Describe the demonstration of timing of application (5 dates)
  • Mode of action of maleic hydrazide
  • Timing and agronomy of Fazor
  • Application in tank mixes with blight sprays – compatibility

Speaker TBA: describe the incorporation treatments in the field

  • Application on the bedformer/bedtiller, prior to destoning, to 30cm depth (current practice)
  • Current equipment, as above, to 15 cm
  • Post de-stoning to 15cm, 4km/h forward speed with correct forward speed to rotor speed ratio
  • Post destoning to 15cm, same rotor speed as in treatment 3, but 8km/h forward speed so the ratio of forward speed to rotor speed is incorrect.
  • Post destoning to 15cm 8km/hr with correct ratio of forward speed to rotor speed

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Full details and timings to be posted soon, If you would like more information - please contact Chloe Ingleby on 01904 771211 or email or