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Welsh Potato Day

AHDB Potatoes event

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Friday, 2 February, 2018 - 09:00
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Graham Tomalin of Vegetable Consultancy Services is an experienced potato agronomist with a particular specialism in salad potatoes that is relevant in Pembrokeshire. He has designed and run research trials on the topics on which he will be speaking: herbicides, manipulation of tuber numbers, and wireworm risk assessment and control. The value of different types of traps for wireworm, baited and pheromone, and their integration with knowledge of field history will be discussed. Graham will report on two years of herbicide trials at SPot East, Elvedon in East Suffolk, where a wide range of herbicides, singly and in combination, have been tested on all the most widely grown potato varieties.

Richard Cogman of British Sugar has been working with Limex for many years. He has commissioned and will be reporting on a series of experiments on the application of Limex to land prior to potatoes, including the effect on soil pH, yields and common scab caused by Steptomyces scabies.

He will discuss Limex application methods and rates in relation to soil type and pH. He will report on the experiences of growers in other areas where brassicas are grown in the same rotation as potatoes.

Anne Stone of AHDB potatoes will report on demonstration trials at Strategic Potato (SPot farms) where she has either designed the comparisons or has been practically involved. The comparison at SPot South West, Dillington Estates demonstrated that reduced nitrogen applications can hasten skin set and improve tuber dry matter, without causing yield loss. Cultivation comparisons in SPot Scotland have supported research by NIAB CUF showing that less intensive and less deep cultivations save fuel and reduce cost, while giving yield increases and better pack out percentages.


You can register for this event here