Bedding and Pot Plant Centre

Chris Need, project manager
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About Bedding and Pot Plant Centre

  • Addresses industry needs via a work programme to demonstrate new product opportunities, best practice and practical solutions to problems encountered on nurseries
  • Work programme undertaken at a number of nurseries and research centres
  • Robust programme of events, workshops, study tours and other outputs
  • Agile structure to respond to industry needs
  • Project management group consists of growers

The Bedding and Pot Plant Centre is a ‘virtual’ centre set up to become the primary site for bedding and pot plant research and demonstration in the UK.

Its aim is to address a range of different technical and new product development issues as nominated by the project management group.

The longer-term aim is to technically support and facilitate networking among UK bedding and pot plant growers.

Current trials and output includes: 

  • Phytotoxicity evaluation of new fungicides for powdery mildew and botrytis control
  • Assessment of new poinsettia varieties for the UK market
  • Improving spray application to crops
  • Potential of a range of salvia species for use as bedding plants
  • Regional resource management workshops
  • A series of overseas and UK study tours

Chris Need is contracted to run the Centre for AHDB.