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3 August 2015

The Energy Hub

Energy underpins almost every commercial activity either directly or indirectly, and potato production is no exception.  Energy-intensive activities are becoming increasingly visible as prices increase.

These pages will be updated frequently with information to help you rise above these rapid changes in costs.


English and Scottish farmers and growers can apply for unsecured, interest free loans of between £3,000 and £20,000, to help them upgrade to more energy-efficient equipment as a new part of the Carbon Trust’s ‘Big Business Refit’ scheme.  Read more …

Potato store monitoring project

An AHDB Potatoes funded project investigating the cost of energy used for potato storage, monitored 19 pre-pack stores and 14 processing stores.  Reports were published showing the range of energy use in commercial businesses.  Read more

Other AHDB Potatoes Research Projects

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