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DEFRA issue Epitrix warning on imports from Spain

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) today reminded the UK potato industry of the importance of complying with UK requirements for potatoes imported from Spain.

In response to interceptions showing evidence of the presence of Epitrix on potatoes from Spain, national measures remain in force requiring that such potatoes must be washed before import to the UK. The only exceptions are for potatoes clearly identified as originating from the Balearic Islands, where the risk of Epitrix presence is much lower than on the Spanish mainland, and potatoes from Epitrix demarcated areas which are accompanied by a plant passport and which may be brushed free of soil rather than washed.

The UK Plant Health Services will be continuing to monitor introductions of potatoes from Spain and will be carrying out targeted checks. Good compliance with the statutory notification scheme is encouraged, to help protect the industry as a whole.

Please also remember that ware potatoes being moved within the EU (including within different parts of the UK) must be accompanied by a registration number and that seed potatoes must be certified/labelled.

DEFRA's contingency plan on Epitrix which has been published on the Plant Health Portal at This describes the actions expected to be taken in the event of an Epitrix interception or outbreak. Further information about Epitrix is also available on the Plant Health Portal at:


Source: DEFRA

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