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Digestate and new technology focus for Agri-Tech East events

The role of digestate and the latest farming technology will be explored at events taking place this autumn. Both events are being run by Agri-Tech East.

Investment in digestors across the UK has brought many on-farm benefits, yet there is a lack of analysis on the benefits to soils from digestate application. Pollinator: Ruminating on the Role of Digestate in Managing Healthy Soils (12 September) presents the results of a two year programme investigating the impact of digestate on soils. Funded through the Innovative Farmers programme (supported via the Soil Association), attendees will hear from participating farmers, as well as the project findings.

With the latest farm-tech on many farmers’ wish lists, Pollinator - Re-Visiting the Vision of the Connected Farm (15 October) will explore how machine-to-machine communication and the Internet-of-Things could transform the industry. There will be an update on new technologies and discussion on the future of Smart Farming.

For more information, including booking, visit the event page on the Agri-Tech East website.

Source: Agri Tech East

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