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Fresh Produce Standards Changes- Red Tractor

changes will be made to the Fresh Produce version 4 standards which will be implemented on 1st October 2019.

There is a new standard being implemented on Nematicide stewardship.

The best practice protocol issued from the Nematicide Stewardship Group will become an audited standard for Red Tractor’s Fresh Produce growers who apply granular nematicide. This protocol has been an appendix in some of Red Tractor’s fresh produce crop protocols for the past couple of seasons and is already widely adopted by most growers. The new standard, which gives clear stewardship guidance for the decision to use a granular nematicide and its subsequent application, will help limit the risk of impacting non-target species. 

Emphasis in the new standard is placed on simple, practical measures such as operator training, checking and calibrating the applicator plus an inspection of the crop following application. By ensuring that growers and operators follow the guidance of the Protocol, Red Tractor is encouraging safe and environmentally friendly food production whenever granular nematicides are used.

In due course members will be able to benefit from a range of easy-to-use templates to support accurate record keeping which will be available on the Red Tractor website.

Also changing on 1st October 2019 are the following standards:

  • PH.i and HS.g have been amended to cover transport and vehicle contamination control
  • RA.a  expended to cover vehicles and transport under the risk assessment 
  • PH.p additional how you will be measured points to cover labelling 

Full details of these changes can be found here, and an updated version 4 standards will be available on our website on 1st October.

Source: Red Tractor

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