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McCain’s Menu Mixer Shows the Potential of the Potato

When formulating new meals, even the most seasoned chefs and caterers can find themselves hitting a brick wall. With so many things to consider, from costs, to prep requirements, to gaging what new menu items will encourage uptake, pinning down recipes that meet such a varied range of requirements can be trickier than it may first seem.

That’s why with their latest campaign, McCain Foodservice are putting forward the potato as an ingredient that ticks a number of boxes for chefs and caterers working across a wide range of sectors. With McCain’s online “Menu Mixer” tool, chefs can simply pick their sector, and the type of meals they’re looking to cook, and be served up 3 bespoke potato recipes to that suit their needs.

From hospital caterers looking for batch cooking recipes, to chefs wanting to incorporate international flavours, the Menu Mixer can suggest a potato recipe whatever the requirement.

Try the Menu Mixer out for yourself here:


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