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McCain Foodservice Provide Free-From Menu Solutions

These days, it’s perhaps more important than ever for chefs and caterers to consider carefully the ingredients they’re using. A raised awareness of problems like coeliac disease, stricter allergen labelling laws, and lifestyle choices like “clean” eating make it imperative that menus are have the versatility to appeal to those with specific dietary requirements, whilst still being crowd pleasing. With food intolerance affecting around 45% of the population, McCain Foodservice have suggested a novel idea to operators; using potato as a “free-from” ingredient. They recently asked food development chef Steve Walpole to create two gluten free recipes, using their Simply Mash as a base ingredient.

At first, Steve was a little unsure of the idea, having never used potato in this way before. “Mash isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of indulgent ingredients. Using a pre-prepared mash is even less likely to be front of mind for chefs when they’re looking for recipe inspiration or an ingredient for free-from menus.”

However, once Steve soon accustomed to using the Simply Mash, and now hails it as his “secret ingredient”. “It can be easy to get caught up trying to source obscure substitute ingredients to achieve free-from status but the answer is often right in front of you. Mash is a great substitute for wheat flour as it provides a lot of structure. Potato is also a fantastic vehicle to get flavour into; I’ve used it with polenta to create some fantastic nut and gluten free chocolate brownies, and also as the base for some street food style spicy potato balls”

Not only did Simply Mash prove to be a great carrier for flavour, it also stood up to the long term challenges a high paced kitchen can bring. “With Simply you know what you’re going to get and light, fluffy, smooth mash is easy to deliver in minutes. The quality and cost doesn’t differ through the season either, and there is no waste to account for, which is a massive help for me, particularly when I’m trying to budget for the development of food products on a large scale.”

To find out more about cooking with Simply Mash, and to watch Steve in action, click here.


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