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Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group (PICSG) statement

We reported in Febraury that a vote was taken on the Commission’s proposal for non-renewal of Chlorpropham (CIPC) at the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed last week. No Qualified majority was reached in favour of the proposal. The EU Commission can now decide to move the existing proposal forward to an Appeal Committee or to propose the existing or an altered proposal at a next Standing Committee meeting.

The Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group has now issued a statement:

The Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group (PICSG) has continued to develop and promote best practice for use of chlorpropham for sprout suppression in the UK. This has helped to maintain the availability of this crucial sprout suppressant to producers and industry since stewardship was introduced in January 2008, eleven years ago. There have been significant improvements in the efficiency of CIPC application and use and no reported exceedances of the 10ppm Maximum Residue Level (MRL) since February 2014. [read full statement at the CIPC Be Compliant website]

Support for store managers

In January we announced an £800,000 fund for research, events and support for store managers. Here are the key points:

Source: CIPC Be Compliant

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