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Red Tractor - Recruiting for fresh produce board


Red Tractor is inviting individuals from Primary Suppliers and the Food Service sector to apply to join the Fresh Produce Sector Board which is responsible for advising on the development of the RT Fresh Produce technical strategy.

The current sector board has excellent input from growers, retailers, AHDB Potatoes and the manufacturing sector but vacancies have now arisen for a Primary Supplier and a Food Service expert. Ideally the Primary Supplier candidates should operate in the potato sector whereas the Food Service candidates should have broad fresh produce experience. The addition of these two representatives are important to ensure the sector board considers all aspects of Fresh Produce production across the UK and helps RT deliver its vision. 

The individual should:

  1. be supportive of Red Tractor and where possible facilitate the delivery of its Vision and Purpose
  2. have a wide understanding of the practicalities and challenges within the fresh produce sector
  3. be able to draw on a wide professional network of organisations in the sector
  4. have good communication & influencing skills and be willing to act as an ambassador for Red Tractor


The Fresh Produce Sector Board meets 3 times a year in March, July and November. The position is not paid but travel expenses can be claimed.

More information about Red Tractor and the Fresh Produce Sector Board can be found at

Individuals who are interested should send an email to Astrid Velandia at – closing date Friday 16th November 2018.

Source: Red Tractor

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