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Take 5 with...George Putterill, Next Generation potato farmer

24 February 2016

Getting Started spoke to George Putterill, one of AHDB Potatoes’ Next Generation delegates. George spoke about the challenging future the industry is facing and why people should enter the Next Generation Programme.

Q: Why did you want to enter the potato industry?

My family farm grows potatoes and have done since the farm started. So it was inevitable that I was going to enter the potato industry when I decided to join the farm.

It is certainly one of the more challenging industries to be in, and a challenging crop to grow. All of this adds to why I wanted to be involved in it.

Q: Why would you encourage other people to enter the Next Generation Programme?

The Next Generation Programme is all funded by AHDB Potatoes. You get to meet similar people to yourself learning the industry, you get access to experts in the industry and get to see all areas of the industry.

It is a fantastic opportunity for any young professional wanting to advance in the potato industry.

Q: What are you going on to next?

Working alongside my family on the family farm. Continuing to specialise in growing and packing the crop into 25kg bags for the chip shop trade and using knowledge and contacts I have gained from the Next Generation Programme.

Q: What has surprised you on your journey with the Next Generation?

How many people and businesses the industry supports. The whole process form a laboratory test tube in Scotland to the finished product on a plate is quite remarkable and supports a lot of people.

Q: What does the future hold for potato farmers?

I think the future is going to be challenging but very rewarding if the job is done right. I can see there being more competition between fewer and more specialised growers. This will therefore cause growers to be more efficient and more cost effective in production.

Source: FG Insight

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