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Training is the Answer, What's the Question?

22 March 2016

As AHDB launches the second round of its’ Professional Manager Development Scheme: ‘I haven’t got time for training, I’m too busy doing the job,’ is the oft-heard cry within the farming industry.

But training can be the answer to freeing up more time, certainly as far as Sean King Pig Unit Manager of LKL Farming is concerned.

After completing the AHDB Professional Manager Development Scheme (PMDS), he said: “I was guilty of getting stuck in with stock tasks rather than observing and monitoring others performance therefore not allowing them to progress and also causing myself undue stress and workload issues.

“I now make time to develop individuals within the business by training, delegating and monitoring.  I prioritise and plan more which ensures time at work is productive and therefore increases my family time”.

The same is true of Ian Edwards, Operations Manager of James Coles & Sons Nurseries Ltd.

He said: “The skills I learnt on the course enabled me to implement three ideas which have resulted in savings and efficiency for the company which has more than paid for my attendance. I am now a more positive and competent manager and have made good strides personally and with my team”

The scheme, developed by AHDB and delivered by Cedar Associates, is aimed at managers from all agricultural and horticultural sectors who want to become more effective and efficient in their roles. They must also be in a position to make changes to improve their business.

Tess Howe, AHDB skills development manager said: “This scheme has been designed to challenge and develop the skills base of managers to meet the needs of the industry. 

“The impact of bringing people together from across the sectors to discuss common issues has been amazing. The last group achieved savings of more than £250,000, by improving management skills which shows just how beneficial this kind of training can be.”

AHDB levy payers will be eligible for a discount to attend the course which will cost them £850 plus VAT, including registration, tutor and hotel fees. Non levy payers can apply but will be subject to the full £3,750 plus VAT cost of attending the course should they be successful in gaining a place. Participants, who will have to have the full support of their employer, will need to have demonstrated to the interviewing panel that they are already operating in a role with change management responsibilities.

For course details and how to apply: 

For more information, contact Tess Howe on 07779 321078 or email

Source: AHDB

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