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  • <span><a href="/publications/grower-gateway-issue-6-2012">Grower Gateway - Issue 6, 2012 </a></span>

    Grower Gateway - Issue 6, 2012

    Potato growers face weather-related challengesPotato growers are facing many weather-related challenges and recent warm, wet weather has led to a massive increase in the number of Smith Periods this...

  • <span><a href="/publications/grower-gateway-issue-5-2012">Grower Gateway - Issue 5, 2012 </a></span>

    Grower Gateway - Issue 5, 2012

    Potential benefits and cost savings from GMMark Lynas earned a spontaneous round of applause for his speech backing recent research into mapping the potato genome, coming down clearly in favour of...

  • <span><a href="/publications/grower-gateway-issue-4-2012">Grower Gateway - Issue 4, 2012</a></span>

    Grower Gateway - Issue 4, 2012

    Exceptional turnout for the first South West Potato DayDespite inclement weather, the first South West Potato Day (April 26 at Frogmary Green Farm, South Petherton, Somerset) was a big hit with...

  • <span><a href="/publications/grower-gateway-issue-3-2012">Grower Gateway - Issue 3, 2012</a></span>

    Grower Gateway - Issue 3, 2012

    World Potato Congress speakers outline key developmentsThis year’s World Potato Congress, to be held in Edinburgh in May and organised by AHDB Potatoes, has attracted a remarkable line-up of...

  • <span><a href="/publications/grower-gateway-issue-2-2012">Grower Gateway - Issue 2, 2012</a></span>

    Grower Gateway - Issue 2, 2012

    Space age agronomy on show at the World Potato CongressThis year’s World Potato Congress, to be held in Edinburgh in May and organised by AHDB Potatoes, has attracted a remarkable line-up...

  • <span><a href="/publications/grower-gateway-issue-1-2012">Grower Gateway - Issue 1, 2012 </a></span>

    Grower Gateway - Issue 1, 2012

    Raising issues awareness at Winter ForumsInput losses can cause inadvertent pollution and can affect growers’ profit margins, says Nigel Simpson, project manager for Catchment Sensitive...

  • <span><a href="/publications/grower-gateway-issue-10-2011">Grower Gateway - Issue 10, 2011</a></span>

    Grower Gateway - Issue 10, 2011

    AHDB Potatoes seminars and cost-benefit work hailed at BP2011With a record turnout of over 6,000 at BP2011 (Harrogate, November 23-24), the potato industry demonstrated its confidence in the...

  • <span><a href="/publications/grower-gateway-issue-9-2011">Grower Gateway - Issue 9, 2011 </a></span>

    Grower Gateway - Issue 9, 2011

    Avoid late levy payment using BACSGrowers are being urged to use BACS to pay this year’s levy and avoid the higher rate applicable after December 1“Paying this way saves you time and it’s easy to do...

  • <span><a href="/publications/grower-gateway-issue-8-2011">Grower Gateway - Issue 8, 2011 </a></span>

    Grower Gateway - Issue 8, 2011

     Seasonal updatesBruise and damage levels increaseThis year has seen an increase in bruise susceptibility. If you are harvesting, view information for basic harvester set up and guides covering...

  • Grower Gateway Spring 2009 events special

    AHDB Potatoes sends this communication via email to those who we feel will benefit (growers, agronomists and technical managers).[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"1524","...