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  • Storage Bulletin - August 2017

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  • Storage Bulletin - June 2017

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  • Storage Bulletin - May 2017

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  • Storage Bulletin - April 2017

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  • Storage Bulletin - March 2017

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    New guide to get potato stores CIPC compliant for July 2017 From July 2017, all potato store owners must comply with new legislation stating that CIPC (chlorpropham) applications to stored...

  • Storage Bulletin - December 2016

    RISK AND REWARD A break in activities before the Christmas holiday is generally welcomed by all, but it is important not to forget that, like us, the potato store is a living entity and, as...

  • Storage Bulletin - November 2016

    Winter Watchout  Disease & condensation Following a relatively dry and warm harvest, most crops are reported to have gone into store pretty well. But there is no room for...

  • Storage Bulletin - October 2016

    What's your priority? With harvest continuing apace, please don’t forget about those crops already in storage! Having a clear sense of priority for each crop is an important aspect of...

  • Storage Bulletin - August 2016

    SPot West Open Day The recent SPot West Open Day was held at James and Sam Daw’s farm at Thorpe Constantine, Staffordshire on 19 July. It was an opportunity to highlight how even the...