Tomato leafminers: Distinguishing between Tuta absoluta and Liriomyza spp.

Find out more about the key diagnostic features of leaf-mining insects.

There are two types of pests that cause this kind of damage: The moth, tuta absoluta, and the flies, Liriomyza spp.

Biological features of Tuta absoluta and Liriomyza spp. leafminers

Compare the life-cycle stages and biological features of these leaf-mining insects found in the UK, so that you can distinguish between them if found in your tomato crop.

Read about the biological features of these pests

Tomato crop damage caused by Tuta absoluta and Liriomyza spp.

To help you identify and distinguish between these two leafminer species found in the UK, read about the different features of crop damage they cause in tomato crops.

Tomato crop damage caused by these leafminers

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