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  • Farming Fortnight Launches

    Leading agricultural education organisation, LEAF Education is launching a brand-new initiative to inspire young people about farming, food production and the natural environment.  Farming Fortnight (3rd to 14th June 2019), developed by LEAF Education in partnership with Brockhill Park Performing Arts College in Kent, will see hundreds of primary and secondary schools across the UK shine a light...

    Source: LEAF Education

  • New rules to prevent water pollution

    The Government introduced new farming rules for water, which have been enforceable by the Environment Agency since April 2018. These rules standardise good farm practices that many farmers are already performing, and offer a new approach to regulation, to help protect against water pollution. They require farmers to keep soil on the land, match nutrients to crop and soil needs, and keep livestock...

    Source: DEFRA


    Ministers have agreed to grant an Extension of authorisation under Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 for: Product name: Shirlan (contains fluazinam) MAPP number: 18406 Optional label text for product label for the Authorisation holder This extension of authorisation may appear on the product label in a separate section headed ‘Extension of Authorisation’ with the following liability clause: “This...

    Source: HSE

  • General licences for bird control: major changes to licensing requirements

    Natural England announces changes to three general licences for controlling specific wild bird species. Natural England is revoking three general licences for controlling certain wild birds as of Thursday 25 April 2019. These licences (GL 04/05/06) cover 16 species of birds including several members of the crow family, Canada goose, some gulls and pigeons. The change follows a legal challenge to...

    Source: Natural England

  • Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group (PICSG) statement

    We reported in Febraury that a vote was taken on the Commission’s proposal for non-renewal of Chlorpropham (CIPC) at the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed last week. No Qualified majority was reached in favour of the proposal. The EU Commission can now decide to move the existing proposal forward to an Appeal Committee or to propose the existing or an altered proposal at a next...

    Source: CIPC Be Compliant