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  • Industry Support for AHDB Potatoes Campaign Gathers Momentum

    AHDB Potatoes “One Voice” campaign is fast gaining momentum, with people from all sectors of industry getting involved and doing whatever they can to help spread positive messages about potatoes...

    2 July 2014


  • Potato Blight Mapped In Europe

    A team of researchers tracking the 2013 population of the potato late blight pathogen have, for the first time, spatially plotted it’s diversity and shown areas dominated by clones contrasting with novel genetically diverse isolates in other regions.


  • Be CIPC Compliant - Ensure stewardship recommendations are followed in low temperature stores as part of an integrated sprout control strategy

    Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group have issued a new press release on CIPC Use.  

    Source: Be CIPC Compliant

  • UK Soil Observatory launched

    The UK Soil Observatory (UKSO), launched today in London, is a ‘big data’ initiative that provides a portal for unified UK soils data and information. Until recently soils data, knowledge and expertise was scattered across a wide range of institutions. UKSO will give improved access to data and information including fully described data sets, analytical tools and analyses allowing users to access...

    10 April 2014

    Source: Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

  • PBL patent on Late Blight resistance granted in EU and US

    Plant Bioscience Limited’s patent on late blight resistance genes developed by Jonathan Jones and co-workers at the Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, England, has been granted in Europe and the United States. The company reports that good progress is also being made in a number of other key territories affected by late blight disease in potatoes.   The patent consists of multiple resistance genes...

    Source: Spudsmart