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  • DEFRA issue Epitrix warning on imports from Spain

    The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) today reminded the UK potato industry of the importance of complying with UK requirements for potatoes imported from Spain. In response to interceptions showing evidence of the presence of Epitrix on potatoes from Spain, national measures remain in force requiring that such potatoes must be washed before import to the UK. The only...

    Source: DEFRA

  • Sutton Bridge join UK businesses in innovative research for Singapore

    Next week (29 January to 2 February 2018) 14 UK-based businesses will join forces on an Innovate UK mission in urban infrastructure systems in Singapore. You can read more by clicking here      

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  • NFU workshops for trickle irrigators

    With information now emerging about the new licensing application process, the NFU has arranged a series of workshops in partnership with the Environment Agency to help farmers and growers with their ‘new authorisations’. The workshops will be of interest to growers who have traditionally used trickle and drip irrigation methods without the need for an abstraction licence, and those who already...

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  • Summary of Defra’s Water Abstraction Plan 2017

    Defra and the Environment Agency have published plans for implementing changes to the water abstraction system. The plans follow Government’s response to its consultation in 2016 and includes a timeline detailing activity over the next five years. The activities that will be undertaken include: Reviewing time limited licences Adjusting licences shown to be seriously damaging Revoking unused...

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    Dr Mike Storey has been awarded the John Green Memorial Trophy for his exceptional contribution to the British potato industry. Head of Resource Management at AHDB, Dr Storey received the award at the annual Cambridge University Potato Growers Research Association (CUPGRA) ‘Potato Barons’ Conference Dinner, in front of an audience that included growers, researchers, processors and retailers from...

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