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  • The potato re-brand - from spud to superfood

    Spuds, taters, tatties… whatever you call them, potatoes have been a constant in our kitchens for many a year; always there when you’re in need of comfort, a hearty meal, a familiar friend. And yet the potato has been having a bit of a hard time lately. Unceremoniously pushed out of the limelight by its new younger sibling, the sweet potato, the classic spud has been sadly neglected as the all-...

    10 October 2016


  • McCain’s Menu Mixer Shows the Potential of the Potato

    When formulating new meals, even the most seasoned chefs and caterers can find themselves hitting a brick wall. With so many things to consider, from costs, to prep requirements, to gaging what new menu items will encourage uptake, pinning down recipes that meet such a varied range of requirements can be trickier than it may first seem. That’s why with their latest campaign, McCain Foodservice...


  • Precision farming technology uptake barriers identified

    Barriers to the adoption and development of precision farming technologies within the cereals and oilseeds sector have been identified in an AHDB review. Looking at the past, present and future of precision agriculture (PA), the in-house review was conducted to identify ways to improve the uptake of precision farming technology in the UK. The review culminated in several key recommendations for...

    22 September 2016

    Source: Farming Futures

  • Cultivating better practice

    Most potato growers could afford to cultivate at least one inch shallower, according to NIAB research scientist, Mark Stalham, who outlined the benefits of reduced cultivation at the latest AHDB SPot Farm walk. The event, held at James Daw’s farm in Staffordshire, identified reduced erosion, better work speeds and reduced costs as just some of the advantages associated with limiting secondary...

    28 September 2016

    Source: FG Insight

  • Potato farmers reminded of new dose rate limit for stored potato crops

    Potato farmers and contractors are being reminded of a new dose rate limit for stored potato crops this season. This change is part of the gradual annual reduction in CIPC total dose permitted, and is a core component of the CIPC stewardship process. Chlorpropham (or CIPC) is isopropyl-N-(3-chlorophenyl) carbamate, and is widely used as an agrochemical applied to stored potatoes. It works by...

    23 August 2016

    Source: Farming UK