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  • Retailer recognition is lifting potatoes from the doldrums

    A British potato supply base is of huge importance to UK retailers  Consumer concern over carbohydrates has often worked to the detriment of the potato sector despite the product being a staple of the traditional British evening meal. But, buoyed by the announcement of new, longer-term supply deals, potatoes are fighting back. Produce Business UK finds out more Major players committing to new...

    9 August 2016

    Source: Produce Business UK

  • Cross-sector funding secured for crop studies

    Four new projects addressing challenges in soil and water management in crop rotations have been awarded £1.2m in cross-sector funding from the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB). Led by 14 organisations from across the agricultural and horticultural industries including NIAB CUF, Rothamsted Research, the James Hutton Institute and Lancaster University, the interrelated...

    22 July 2016

    Source: Horticulture Week

  • Growers offered help with ‘water sensitive farming’ projects

    A renewed drive has been launched to convince farmers of the benefits of “water sensitive farming” – with funding available for projects to reduce erosion and pollution from agricultural land. The soil is a farmer’s most precious possession – but it does no-one any good unless it stays in the field. Erosion and run-off bring the twin problems of sediment and pollutants flowing into waterways,...

    12 July 2016

    Source: Eastern Daily Press

  • Shelf-life extension project gears up for commercial application

    A new technology involves produce being fogged with an electrically charged solution that kills the bacteria responsible for spoilage. It has also proved extremely successful in destroying e-coli bacteria.  ... In the long term, this method of delivering antimicrobial solutions could have a much wider impact as Professor Reynolds points out.  “It’s possible we can apply this technology in other...

    5 July 2016

    Source: producebusinessuk

  • AHDB leading agriculture through BREXIT

    The decision to leave the EU is a game-changer for UK farming and growing. The Brexit vote opens four key areas of question for our agricultural and horticultural industries around trade, regulation, labour and support.