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  • Sprout control – where are we now?

    Three months on since the announcement that CIPC will lose its authorisation on 8 January 2020, we take a look at the situation for store managers as it stands. Read the full story at* *We will shortly be closing this website, all content is available on the new main AHDB account 

    19 September 2019

  • Measuring alternative desiccants at SPot South

    This was the third and final open day at Dillington Farms, AHDB’s Strategic Potato Farm, South. There were more than 60 growers and agronomists in attendance, despite it falling on a dry day during a wet start to August. Ollie Blackburn, Farm Manager at Dillington, said the trials programme in their final season as hosts had been of interest to local growers because it had covered topical issues...

    1 September 2019

  • Fight Against Blight and our site

    Growers have seen mixed fortunes in the weather this August, which has been keeping scouts and the blight team at the James Hutton Institute very busy. A sustained period of wet weather in Scotland has triggered challenging conditions, with a high number of samples sent into the Hutton despite the use of some robust spray programmes. Large parts of England and Wales have also seen high blight...

    3 September 2019

  • AHDB host desiccation events to aid growers

    AHDB Potatoes is to host a range of events designed to help growers fine-tune their desiccation programme following the loss of diquat. This ban has had significant ramifications for multiple grower’s desiccation strategies, due to its common usage, and the limited alternatives available that are as effective and economical. In response to this potential ban, AHDBs Strategic Farm programme has...

    9 August 2019

  • AHDB invests in practical support for growers facing chemistry loss

    AHDB’s Strategic Potato Farm network is carrying out a variety of trials to ensure growers have effective alternatives for banned chemicals such as diquat and CIPC. The trials currently being undertaken on the network of five farms – based in Perthshire, West Suffolk, Shropshire, Somerset and North Lincolnshire – are supported by research funded by AHDB, ensuring the results are both robust and...

    8 August 2019