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  • Huge opportunities for farmer-to-farmer learning across AHDB this summer

    UK farmers and growers will have access to more than 50 farmer-to-farmer learning events this summer. The events are part of AHDB’s Farm Excellence work to help industry prepare for the challenges ahead. They include meetings hosted at Strategic Farms, Monitor Farms, Horticulture Centres and more, and are designed for farmers to learn from each other in an independent, locally-relevant setting....

    21 May 2018

  • Virus management in seed potatoes 2018

      Protecting seed crops from the various aphid-borne potato viruses is essential to maintain the quality of Scottish seed potatoes. Multiplication of early seed potato generations will require a robust approach to aphid-borne virus management to avoid viruses entering the seed stock – this will require a comprehensive aphicide programme as detailed below. Later seed potato generations can take a...

    18 May 2018

  • Success for ‘Bud the Spud’ as sales of fresh potatoes recover

    Almost three years ago, Bud was introduced to a consumer audience in an EU co-financed joint campaign with Bord Bia (the Irish food board), tasked with emotionally re-engaging consumers with potatoes, through providing quick-and-easy meal inspiration to fit in with our ever-busier lifestyles, while reminding them of the healthy and nutritious virtues of potatoes. Bud was, in the initial stages of...

    18 May 2018

  • Your Summer Toolbox

    How AHDB can help you to react in a fast moving season “Things are really steaming ahead in many in parts of the country, and growers will be working fast to adapt to the various challenges of the season” said AHDB Potatoes Knowledge Exchange Manager, Claire Hodge – here are the resources available from AHDB to help you react to what’s coming down the line. Your summer tool box: Fight Against...

    15 May 2018

  • Fight Against Blight website gets makeover

    By Claire Hodge As a part of continued research in to UK blight populations, AHDB’s Fight Against Blight website has undergone a makeover ahead of the 2018 season. In order to keep up with the disease and its evolving strains more accurately we have been required to fine-tune the service. Therefore, this year we have seen an overhaul of our website, which will make it even easier to submit...

    15 May 2018